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Carefully weighing your options you examine the room and the position of the male fox. He's roughly centred within it and there are two other doorways leading out of here. Both appear to be labelled but you cannot make out either one at this range or this somewhat awkward perspective. You have, after all, lost the greater portion of the height that you had.


Clearly turning back is not an option. You could try to fight but its likely he would easily overpower you. As you sit there debating he begins to move closer. Thinking quickly you decide to make a break for it.


Really either door will probably and anything will be better than standing here waiting for the other fox to reach you. You attempt to break into a run but are assailed by a thousand strange sensations emanating from every part of yourself and the environment surrounding you. Its quite a wonder you can manage to remain balanced on four legs at all though it, is clear that you have at least some instinctual basis for it. Indeed the very presence of the growing vixen mentality is one of the strangest factors impinging upon you.


The door is close now, or at least one of them is, you are no longer sure which is which. The sensation of the air in your fur is invigorating and you are slowing gaining momentum but the other fox is closing. You can hear and smell his closing approach. You could move even faster if you give into the Vixen mindset for a little while. However, if you do so you run the risk of losing control and giving yourself over to completely different decision than that which you would make now.


How will you proceed?

Written by on 07 May 2008

Male Break for the door

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