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There's really no time to make much of a decision here! That fox is at least 55% synced into his form's mindset, and you're really not in the mood to receive anything he might offer.
Add that to the fact that he's faster than you are, and the odds are really not in your favour. However, you're fairly certain that you can make it to the nearest door without him catching you, at no expense to your control over your body.
You increase your speed as much as you can, running your vulpine form ragged. Thankfully, the door seems to be automatically activated, and it opens as you near it.You barely make it inside before the door closes again, and hear a very sickening crunch. It must have malfunctioned, though you've never been so glad to have encountered a broken piece of machinery in your whole life. Just be a guess on your part, but you don't think that male is going to be troubling you any time soon. Male vestiges of your personality are greatly relieved, but your other half seems to want to go back to help out that attempted rapist. Fairly disgusting, in your very male and very human opinion.
You look around the room a bit. It seems rather spartan, square with walls made of what looks like whitewashed concrete and hard wooden floors - not at all like most of the other rooms you had been in. There appears to be a hallway leading out of the corner opposite the one your broken door occupies.
Also, there appears to be a soft blue light coming from the ceiling in the corner to your left. Suddenly you notice something - sitting right in the corner beneath the light is a potion labelled "Tastes like false hope!!"
What an odd name for a potion, you think. Perhaps a trick? Though you are quite hungry after that chase... Decisions, decisions...

Written by Archerswiftarrow on 26 June 2009

The end (for now)
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