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After pondering the evitability of fate, catching the news on TV and working yourself into another vulpine frenzy, you pad back to the bath for a cold shower with clean water, dry off and laugh at the way your damp fur floofs up.


Then you locate the key to your sister's flat, walk over to your front door and listen for a moment before you open it. Sure, you're getting ready to meet the world, but not yet, not like this. The operative word is getting.


Satisfied that you seem to be alone in the building, you open the door, pad bare pawed across the hall and stop in front of your sister's door to look at the pretty sign her nephew gave her for Christmas. Jeanette. Such a pretty name


for such a pretty lady. Though not quite as top-of-the-world pretty as you're feeling right now!


You unlock the door, slip inside and lock it behind you.


Then you stand with your back (and tail) to the door just listening to the emptiness of the flat for a while. You have always had this thing about entering other people's homes while they're out. You feel like an intruder, particularly when you have not been explicitly invited. And in this particular case Jeanette doesn't even know she has a sister for the duration!


To justify your unannounced presence you make a quick round to see if the flowers need water, and make sure there isn't anything in the fridge that won't keep over the weekend. Most of the food looks like it will see Monday morning, but there is an old cheese rind that looks like it's about to go critical, so you pick it up and start gnawing on it while heading for the bath. Feels kind of weird to chew with fox teeth, but you'll burn that bridge when you get to it. Right now you're not even sure if you're going to remain a vixen until you get hungry again.


Jeanette's bath turns out to be more well equipped than yours, but then you knew that already. Finishing the cheese, you grab a couple of brushes and start working on your fluffy tangled fur. Several hundred brush stokes later you realize that you have found another reason to avoid getting wet. If you ever get a chance at another transformation you're going to choose an animal with thin fur or none at all! Unless, of course, you had someone to brush you. That would be really nice...


Shaking off another distraction, you decide that your fur looks good enough, clean the brushes and put them away before you head for the bedroom. Once there, you waste no time in opening what Jeanette jocularly refers to as her drawer drawer and picking out a matched set of underwear. Hooking up the bra is kind of tricky, but no match for your increased flexibility. Looking into the mirror you are amused to find that even though you're starting to feel dressed, you actually look more naked than with just fur.


Walking over to the main wardrobe, you stop and glance over at the side closet where Jeanette keeps her SCA things. (That's Society for Creative Anachronism in case anyone's in doubt. Feel free to look it up.) Even though she doesn't talk much with you about it, you know she likes to dress up for various Society events and spends lot of time working on her costumes.


You open the door and find a pretty emerald green renaissance dress. Becoming a vixen must have sharpened your sense of attire, for you realize at first glance that this would look good on you. On the other paw, you know how much time and money your sister must have spent on this outfit, and if something happened to it she would kill you regardless of whether she recognized you or not.


What sells you in the end - kind of literally - is that the shirt is designed to make space for a bustle. A bustle... or a tail. It would not only look good, it would be perfect!


After a moment's hesitation you take the dress out of the closet and start figuring out how to get into it. A lot of hard work later you look in the mirror and smile that sly vulpine grin again. Now there's a foxy lady! The dress fits almost perfectly, and the deep green sets off your red fur quite well. The skirt covers most of your tail, except for the white tip. You giggle foxishly at the realization that you are showing "a piece of tail". And you're trying to be decent?


In fact the dress looks so good on you that you catch yourself wondering if Jeanette meant to wear it as part of a furry costume, but you don't know if the Society is into that kind of thing. If they do dress up as non-humans, it's more likely dragons or griffins and such...

Written by Won-Tolla on 31 May 2007

The dress WAS made for you, wear it and be damned.
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