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Finally breaking away from the mirror, you walk slowly through the flat getting used to the feeling of smooth silk against your fur. It feels good, and you are not sure if you could wear anything coarser.


That narrows your options a bit of course.


In the living room you pause to look out the window. There's a whole world out there waiting for the apparition you have become...


After that it does not take long to convince yourself that you can cover your tracks, and that you and the dress will be back before Monday morning, or - the thought sends a chill down your spine - never return at all. Anyway, if you were to just disappear, your sister would have other things to worry about than her dress, so you might as well take it.


Quickly accepting your twisted logic before it crumbles in your paws, you walk over to Jeanette's "chaos corner" and find an old purse that you fill with various paraphernalia that a woman (and, by extension, an anthro vixen) would be expected to be carrying. Then you lock up the place and return to your own humble abode.


Only when you open the door do you realize that you left expecting to be back in a few minutes, so you didn't bother to lock the door or turn off the lights. Well, you just have to remember when you leave the building...


Inside you lock the door behind you, walk over to where your jacket in hanging and take out your wallet. The first thing you take out is your bus card.


That could come in handy, but it's got your picture and identifies you as a male, so it has to stay home.


At the sight of your ATM and credit cards a little voice in your head starts cheering: "Shopping spree! Shopping spree! Yaaay!!!"


You shake your head and put the cards back. While shopping might very well be a perfect way to distract the vixen within you from the naughty thoughts she put in your head earlier, you just can't see yourself spending a lot on things you will only need for a few hours... or... even... days...


You realize you haven't really given any serious thought to just how long you want to stay like this. A few hours you could handle, but more than a day means the vixen would have to eat... and sleep... and... other things.




Another thing you have to sit down for. You're not at all sure you want to get to know your new body that well. You shake the strange thoughts out of your fuzzy little head and start counting your cash. You just made a withdrawal the other day, so there is plenty to keep you going for a while. Better avoid the temptation altogether...


You take just enough for a couple of bus fares and a bit of food (in case you stay out long enough to get hungry), put it in your purse and replace the wallet. Now what?


Oh yes. You step quickly into your den, put Jeanette's key back in the drawer, find your own and drop it into the purse. Lock up this time, you say to yourself. Lock up this time!


You're about as ready as you can be now, and you feel your little vixen heart racing a bit faster. Then you think about covering tracks again and realize there is one more thing to do.


A quick search reveals the empty spray can on the floor behind the toilet. Just dumping it in the trash won't make much difference, so you decide to take it with you. Besides you might happen to meet someone who can read the label...


As you pick up the can you notice a tiny noise. You shake the can, and only your big fox ears can hear the faint ghost of a sloshing sound. Some vapor must have condensed while you were away, and there's a single drop of potion - or whatever it is - left.


Okay, so there is one more thing to do. Putting the can down carefully, you find a bottle of Listerine, take a healthy swig (*bleargh*), raise your muzzle to the ceiling and gargle, moving carefully to avoid spilling on your face or anywhere else outside.


You keep it up until the sound deepens, then you drop your head, spit (still careful to avoid spilling) and look into the mirror. You felt a kind of tingle down there, but did it work as you thought?


You form the answer in your mind, move your lips around the shape of the sound and try to whisper.


"Yes. It did."


Your human voice is back. Your male human voice, that doesn't sound right for a cute vixen. You try raising the pitch and doing different voices, but none of them sound right. Besides you know if you have to concentrate on speaking like a vixen you're going to slip up sooner or later.


There is only one thing to do, and you knew it as soon as you discovered that last drop. You fill a glass with clean water and gargle again to clear your throat of anything that may interfere with the magic, then you sit breathing with your mouth open to dry up a bit while warming the can with your paws (resisting the impulse to put it somewhere warmer).


This is it. You're not sure it will work, but if it does you can consider it the final sign from fate, or perhaps the author of whatever crazy story you're in. You make a solemn promise to yourself that if your next action does not work, you will return the dress and take a shower. Then you open your mouth wide...


Point the nozzle at it...




Then push the button hard as you inhale sharply.


There is a small puff from the nozzle, and you start coughing. After a few heaves you notice the sound changing.


You look in the mirror again and figure you should say something important. It strikes you that you are looking at a nameless vixen. Well, not any more.


You cock your head coyly, grin what is rapidly becoming your trademark grin, and churr softly:


"Hello world. My name is Foxie."


That is the vixen's voice. It suits her. That is how little spray you should have used to begin with.


By your own standard, you are cleared for departure.




Lights out, fur brushed, dress spotless, voice humming softly ("I Feel Pretty" from West Side


), purse in paw, you stand in the entrance hall with noting left on your checklist. As you reach for the doorknob you take a deep breath (feeling your bosom rise slightly) and say:


"Walking Miss Foxie, Part One. Take One. Action."

Written by Won-Tolla on 01 June 2007

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