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He abruptly woke up, his head shooting upwards and his eyes blinking into focus. His breaths came in short gasps as he struggled to bring his attention back to the board, which was now covered with equations, chemical bonds, proteins, and a number of sketches in varying colors.


He quickly looked at the clock. A full hour had passed. He scrambled to open his notes, searching for the last page he had written in before and began to write whatever he could get down. The hands on the clock ticked, filling his ears with an incessant tick, tick, tick, tick.. Tick…


The bell rang. Daniel sighed, flopping onto the desk. How unlucky could he be to have fallen asleep… Now he would have to catch up, and that would just suck. He only have a few minutes between classes though, and knowing this he quickly packed up and walked off.


He yawned. When did he get so tired..? Ugh, he should splash his face with some water to wake up a little, he thought. He went into the bathroom and turned the tap on, letting the water pool in his hands for a moment before splashing it onto his face. The cold water woke him right up. When he looked to the mirror though, his own face hardly greeted him.


His eyes had purple bags under them, his skin looked pale and worn, not to mention how the vessels under it seemed to struggle to bring color to his face. His lips were the same as the rest, looking dry and cracked.


He splashed some more water on his face, dried himself, yawened again, and then left the bathroom. Several more yawns plagued his walk, a tired tear being wiped from the corner of his eye as he walked into his second class.


This time, the period passed uneventfully. History was the easiest subject usually for Daniel, and today was no different. Aside from the looming exhaustion he felt, it was a quick and easy block.


Soon, it was lunchtime. Daniel scurried to the outdoor seating, where a table was waitng for him. He and his friends usually liked to sit together, they were lucky to have a lunch period together. Since the time was split into a few parts, it was rare for a whole group to be together.


“We. Are. NOT going to that stupid fucking bum bash or whatever the hell he called it.” Pammy said.
“Why not?! It’s test week, why do you not want to go to it? It’ll be fun! Maybe. Either way it might be a good way to relax! There’s no way there is’t at least one person selling drugs-” Gassan replied, before Pammy interrupted with,
“Ugh, you? Disgust me.” Gassan rolled his eyes. They were giggling together though, and Jake and David were having their own conversation on the side that Daniel couldn’t quite make out.


He sat down and unpacked his lunch. David gave him a little wave, making Jake turn around. He smiled and spoke.

Written by OakenFerret on 13 September 2022

Both Sleepwalk through class

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