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“Ah! Good to see you Daniel. You look.. Tired. Sleep alright?”
“Ugh, no. I had this weird nightmare.. I thought I was fine but it hit like a mule.” Daniel replied, considering the strange snap back to reality he had earlier.


“Woah, weird. Hope you get some rest soon.. Pam and Gass were talking about that poster that got taken down. It was some knid of party advertisement thing, think it might be a good way to chill a bit?” David said.


Daniel thought for a moment. It sounded like it would be shit. Well.. Sigh. What’s the worst that could happen, right? He was pretty confident that the party would get broken up.


“What about if we all just hang out instead?” Daniel suggested. Pammy and Gassan had stopped their conversation, and now turned their heads to Daniel.


“Oh! That sounds *way* bettter.” Pammy said, “Right, Gassan?” She gave him a nudge. He sputtered for a moment, before he sighed and nodded.


Daniel smiled, before starting to eat his lunch. Packed in his bag was a small sandwich consisting of cheese, turkey, a sort of tangy sauce he put together and pickles. He also made sure to pack a bag of chips and some grapes too.


Soon, he was off to his third period class. Everyone had agreed upon a time for a little get together. Daniel sighed. It would be nice to relax a bit…


He sat down at his seat. Ms. Meyer was, similar to her lemon namesake, very sour. As much as Daniel wanted to be a decent student and not insult her… She wasn’t exactly a sunshine-y person.


The late bell rang, and she went and shut the door. Her eyes quickly scanned the room, before she started to write down all of the people that were missing. A knock came at the door.


“WHAT.” She said curtly. A student meekly wiggled around her and into the classroom, before looking towards everyone else and rolling his eyes. He quickly went to his seat, and the teacher slammed the door shut behind him.


Daniel propped his head up with his arm. This was going to be a very.. Very long class..


Daniel opened his notepad. He looked up at the teacher, who was already furiously sketching notes away on the board. He tried to keep up, writing as fast as he could. Everytime he looked up, it seemed like an entire paragraph would materialize on the board.


He had only barely finished getting everything she had written down before she slapped a pile of papers onto his desk. He started to look through it hastily, seeing about 7 full pages of dense, tiny writing. The last page was an essay question.


He started to read through it quickly, trying to compare his notes to the text. The words seemed to melt together like cheese on the page, and the lack of proper spacing made it all the more difficult for his brain to digest. The work felt like chewing a huge chunk of fat on a steak.


By the time the bell finally rang, his brain felt sore. His eyelids were even droopier than they were in the morning. Half of the class stumbled out of the room like zombies shambling after their missing brains, and the other half went out more like slugs that recently took a bath in an ocean of salt.


Daniel was of the latter.

Written by OakenFerret on 14 September 2022

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