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You finally truly see your changing body. You are more tiger than human! Looking back towards the town you see a family playing in their front yard...a family covered in fur with fluffy dog tails protruding from their behinds.


Looking to a tree you see a small girl...covered in feathers singing the song of a cardinal. Finally you see a farm...filled with braying and neighing humans in various stages of becoming beasts of burden.


"I've got to get out of here!" You turn tail, literally.


"How to get out of the zoo." you think running on all fours. The zoo stretches out before you and in front of you is the tiger enclosure and the zookeeper is standing there watching you "Having fun?"


You see a building in the distance. "Is that?" There is no mistaking it. "The Empire State Building? This is New York City!" You take off running again.


You go from exhibit to exhibit trying to find your way out , looking for a high point to get a view of the land.


It's very clear what is happening. This zoo is changing the entire city into animals. Humans are everywhere...most lost in beastial instincts. And one entered your mind...stronger than any before. "Must not leave mate!"


"I am not your mate" you think, looking over your paws "Turn me back" you roar from your place on the hill.
Another thought enters your mind, unbidden. "She is mine! No one can roar like I can!"


"Who are you? Did you change me like her?"


"Who am I? I'm you! Now, go back to your mate! Before another tiger takes her!" The voice in your head says as your pants start to rip.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 30 July 2015

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