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You head back to the enclosure. She is waiting for you her ears and tail clearly visible "Are you ready this time?"


You give a growl and walk into the enclosure. One last gasp enters your mind. "Wait!"


The door closes behind you, stopping you from going back out.


You are trapped...turning around you see the zookeeper...striped fur is peeking out from under her uniform, a tail lashes behind her.


"Wait for what? You are home now. And we are meant to be together."


"We are?" You ask. " are a tiger. I'm...I'm?.what am I?"


"You used to be a human. Now you are a tiger. And I am a tigress not a tiger."


"I'm...tiger." The word made sense to you. Suddenly you realized something was over your fur. Some sort of covering. You start growling at it, unable to reach it as your face cracks forward.


She comes over to you and takes her claws out to slice it off you. "Is that better?"


You look over your animalistic trace of that ugly pink stuff...luxurious want to speak but find the ability blocked. Instead you let out a roar.


She roars with you before scratching your back. "And now we play a game. I hide and you try and find me."

Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 31 July 2015

The end (for now)

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