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You follow him through the corridors, you still hear Pammy calling for you, but you track Konnor by scent through the crowd. You caught him on the gym, the door closed behind you by magic, runes covering the knobs.
You stared at him, a mix of defiance and shock on your face.
“What’s it going to be, Danielle? The easy way or the hard way?” He waited, and when you didn’t respond, he nodded dispassionately. “So be it.”
You felt the air drain from your lungs, all sound faded, and a sharp pain hit you in the chest. You opened your mouth and tried in vain to suck a breath, falling to your knees. Spots dotted your vision.
Konnor Lowell was towering above you, his eyes glowing as he chanted in some long-forgotten tongue, the tendrils of the spell stealing your breath.
You struggled to maintain conscience, the magician’s words filled you with pain and were intent on stealing your conscience. You could see the dark, tortured lines coming from the tips of his fingers and into your throat.

Written by ashley-natter on 26 July 2019

Both Fight

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