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You reached out to touch it...  And the strings of magic snapped like tearing canvas.
Konnor whipped back as you jumped to your feet, he desperately howled another spell, but before he could complete it you sank your long claws bone-deep into his shoulders, and his words became a shriek of raw, terrified agony.
Blood and fluids erupted from the wound as he desperately pushed you away. He reached into one of his pockets and threw powdered bone towards you, reciting a quick and dark spell that infused the dust with necrotic energy.
But you were already jumping away from him. The bone powder touched the ground with a rippling screech, corroding everywhere it touched, and you stared at him in horror. Konnor had been surprised by your strength and speed, how easily you mastered your new body and senses.
Yet he was a powerful magician, and his hands reached to the amulets and prepared spells. With a whistle he summoned his minions.
You saw it all only peripherally as five changed humans barged in the room, you pounced the nearest without thought. The heel of your hand slammed into the muzzle of a werewolf, and crunched bones. Just as a unicorn dropped his head and fired a beam of pearlescent energy at your chest.
You flew backward with the spell’s impacting power. Your nostrils were flooded with the smell of your own burned fur and the metallic tang of your own blood. You landed on your feet and jumped away from a second spell.
You jumped towards the unicorn and caught the beast by the neck with both hands, using all your strength and your wings to drop him to the ground with a howl of anguish. The unicorn tried to get back up, but you slammed him unconscious.

Written by ashley-natter on 27 July 2019

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