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The other Earth people come in while you are standing on the balcony. The first you see is the dragon. Being too large to fit through the doors he lands on the balcony next to the two of you.


"I see we rescued another human" he says looking down on you, his voice loud and rumbling in your bones "Was there anyone else?"


The vixen shakes her head "Not in the escape pods. I don't know about in the ship itself." turning to look towards you.


You shake your head "I didn't see anyone else in there, other then the balloon aliens of course. Wait a second... how did you know I was human?"


He laughs "Hahaha, silly lass. Of course you were human! Why else would you be in the Earth quarters?" before going back to his normal voice "At least this time we got everyone off before they disappeared."


"Yeah, exactly what happened back there?" You question.


The vixen smiles "That was their FTL drive. At least that is what we think it is. Our FTL is different, A portal opens and we go through it. After going through a mading mess of tubes we arrive at our destination. Most people go mad if they are outside a ship. Alex here is one of the few who can go through FTL outside a ship. He also can fly outside without a suit."


"I thought I saw a dragon while I was in the escape pod" You say piecing together that it must have been Alex. You start to think maybe it's short for Alexis or Alexandria and he's one of the gender changed. You think to ask about it before remembering how Viki told you that it is considered quite rude.


He smiles at you."Yeah I remember seeing your pod. It probably has dissolved back into the goop by now though."


There's a clatter of hooves as the door opens and the Unicorn walks through. Much like the dragon if you did not know better you would not see any traces of human in their bodies.


"Hello [your name here]" she says walking inside , seeming making quite an effort to speak "My name is Robert"


"How" you start to say before feeling a voice in your mind {As part of the change I developed telepathic powers, and things like names are very hard to block.}


"How is your name Robert I was going to a.. Oh yeah that's right." You feel a little dumb for starting to ask given what the goop had done to your own body.


{Yeah. I was changed much like yourself , if you need help feel free to ask. I won't tell anyone though.} Robert offers.


Alex speaks up "The two of us were on their ships for a long time compared with the rest of us. While our bodies were changed the most we also got powers."


Viki waves her tails and specks of lights float around "?Unfortunately this is the extent of the powers I got. Did you get anything?"


You shake your head "Not that I have seen."


She nods "The other two of us didn't get any magic either. Anyway do you mind if I take these clothes off? One of the changes they made was with regards to my views on clothing. While out in public I can still wear them, in private I want to get out of them as quickly as possible."


You nod and she does so. While the fur on her body covers everything considered naughty , there's not much fur elsewhere other than what is on her tails and ears.


The dolphin is the next to come in, He is in a wetsuit that drips water. Before introducing himself he heads straight for the bath and hops in. He takes off the wetsuit and then starts to introduce himself


"Sorry, have to be wet,
, when dry I bet,
, itchy skin i met"

You look to the others "Is he always like this?"


They nod. "Yes, most of the time he rhymes" Viki says "We think it is part of the dolphin mind set that was installed"


The rabbit is the last to arrive. His upper half is completely human , while his lower half is a rabbit taur.


The first thing he says when he sees you "How do we know she won't eat me?"


The unicorn smiles and you guess she is talking to the rabbit before hearing in your head {Don't worry , Adam here seems to think of the worse case every time.}


Written by HawlSera + Catprog on 02 December 2013


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