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The ship by this point has traveled back to their main ship and has docked. Looking outside you can clearly see a forest growing out in space. When you point it out Viki smiles "Yeah we believe that is how the ship is powered along with the biological functions. "?


"But how does it work in space?!?!"? You ask, this version of reality seems less and less likely by the second.


Alex speaks up "Probably the same way I can"? reminding you of his ability to soar through space unhindered and without need for such things as space suits or oxygen tanks.


You nod having forgotten for a moment about that happenstance.


They lead you through a series of corridors until you arrive at their home. The main area connects to the balcony with a number of private rooms hanging off.


You look in your room and then look back outside , you pace between your door and the wall inside and the door on the outside. Surprisingly the outside distance is smaller than the inside distance. You don't think much of it though as by this point though you have gotten used to the strange things happening.


Viki knocks on your door once you have settled in "Do you want to go shopping? While you have enough fur to cover you, I don't know if you are like me with regards to clothes"?


"Shops? You have shops here?" You raise an eyebrow at this.


"Of course. I think there's at least ten thousand people here at any one time. Another ten thousand out trading with various other races. I am sure we can find clothes and furniture that you like"? Viki offers, smiling with assurance.


"I don't have any money though"? You say as you pull on your leg fur as though you were pulling out empty pockets.


"We have the credits. You will be able to pay us back as we do cargo runs."? Viki smiled approvingly.


"I don't know"? The thought of going out in public in your new body a slightly scary thought.


{This would be good for you} you hear in the mind followed by images of you looking into a mirror. Despite the clothes showing off your curves their is a feeling inside that you would look good in them.


You walk outside to see Robert standing next to Viki. "Ok you win" you say "If you are paying for it I will try some on."


Written by HawlSera + Catprog on 03 December 2013

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