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The three of you go down into the marketplace. Looking up you see the balconies of the residences curving over the interior. You are led towards a particular shop. Inside you see clothes stacked wall to wall.


The moment you enter the three of you are suddenly dressed in extravagant clothes.


You try to touch it and your hands go right through it along with the clothes that were there before. "Golly" you cry out. This strange future-place keeps up its record of surprising you.


Viki smiles "This is probably the best clothing shop. They use holograms to show you what you would look like before fabricating it."


You look over the other two, The most notable feature on Robert dressed with an elaborate jeweled saddle. While Viki's top is covered in a red furred tank-top complimenting her ears and tails. Green leather pants were added as well, a little stuffy with the fur, or at least they would be if it wasn't hologramatic. As soon as Viki started thinking red on green was both too seasonal and too tacky it removed itself entirely and left some red panties that were big enough to be tasteful when combined with her fur and sparkled like rubies.


On you the biggest thing is the padding on your top pair of breasts making you appear more two breasted much like a human female would be. You reach down to touch the lower pairs and find that the hologram has rendered them invisible.


You think about hiding all three pairs and the hologram responds making them all invisible. Viki smiles at you "You can't hide them like that, you are female. If you let me I can design something if you want"


The hologram twists and contorts lightly as Viki plays with it. Eventually you find yourself in a yellow out with small holes cut open to show off the tops of your six breasts and on the front of these areas are bells. Jingly jingly bells that jingle and jangle as you move. You can hardly see how this is an upgrade though at least it is more dignifying, somewhat. This isn't all she did though, you have a matching yellow dress skirt. It didn't strike you till now how much the yellow reminds you of butter. After lifting the dress skirt you can see an interesting take on high-heeled shoes that forced you onto the front of your paws, which you had been walking on anyway so no biggie, and seemed to be little more than a rubber platform held in place by matching yellow ribbons.


You smile "Thanks but I think I would like a few changes made. For instance a solid top and no bells."


Viki seems disappointed, but is more than willing to make these adjustments. Still she can't help but to ask. "Are you sure? I think they look really good on you."


Robert shakes her head, not sharing Viki's enthusiasm with the bells.


"Yeah. I don't really want attention paid there at the moment. I was male before I was changed remember!" You say in a panic.


Viki was about to say something, but then she merely nodded and said something else. "Alright, I understand. You may need more time to cope with this, before we can really girl out on some clothes." You wonder what she was about to say and if Robert's telepathy prevented her from saying it. "I think though you are going to need to wear a dress, tails make pants much harder to wear."


"Well we could just cut holes in the pants" You say, feeling a bit emasculated by the skirt, but after thinking it over you see Viki's point. "Then again, my tail would probably tear at the hole and make it bigger eventually."


"Yes, I don't think you want your behind on display do you" Viki says smiling at you.


You shudder at the thought of how big of a comedy show that would be, wearing pants that make your butt more obvious by covering up everything but the butt. "No, not one bit."


"You probably also want some clothes for when you're working. These are fine for going out in but you want something simple that won't get caught in things as well. They are pretty much commodities though so we just need a fitting for that."


The elaborate clothes on you disappear and are replaced with a simple long sleeves , long legs coveralls. You notice the space for your tail and breasts.


"They do work as a simple space suit. Only 10 minutes of air but that is 10 minutes that could be enough to rescue you."


"How does it seal the head?"


"Their is some spare fabric around the neck to automatically stretch around the head. Not comfortable but better then the vacuum"


Both sets of clothes are now being shown above the counter. "Is there anything else you want?" she asks.


You shake your head and she places the order for you.


Written by HawlSera + Catprog on 04 December 2013

The end (for now)

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