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The girls knocked on the door of Mrs. Blake's home. They were greeted by a dark-skinned woman with gray hair.


"Hello, Sasha! Who's this? One of your friends?"


"Grandma, this is my friend Jenene Pierce. We can't stay long because she has a tutor to go to."


"Very well, what brings you here?"


"The house. On 10076 West Trelawney St."


Mrs. Blake felt her casual expression broke into a twinge of dread.


Sasha and Jenene saw the change of the old woman's face, thinking this must be a mistake.


"Jenene, that house is a really spooky place and I'm thankful I never set foot in there. A lot of people went missing from this block. That included five of my friends."
"It's true. Three girls and 2 boys vanished and no one ever found their bodies." Sasha added.


Mrs. Blake continued, "I tried looking for them myself, which was not the best idea, but I was desperate. I remember one night while searching that I was attacked by a flock of crows. I ran so fast to my house that I forgot my things. I didn't leave this house for two days straight!"


Jenene answered that she saw a similar event of a crow flock flying above the house, but she wasn't attacked.


"Jenene, you have to be careful going into that house. The cult may be gone, but its past is still felt today. It may be best if this tutor of yours know nothing of the house's history, but I can't assume that he does or he doesn't. Just watch your back."




Jenene rushed home to tell her parents the creepy history of the tutor's house. But once she got there, she was upset to find them already gone for work. A note on the table said that she needed to meet Mr. Horne. As much she disliked disobeying her parents, Jenene was really unsure if it was a good idea to even go now. She hoped he had nothing to do with the house's history, and maybe she could ask him about it if he knew anything.


“Let me just go…” Jenene mumbled quietly to herself before heading out again.


Written by ovelymars908 on 13 July 2017

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