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Once the girl approached the Victorian home, a small twinge of either dread or uncertainty crept into her mood. She shook her head before she on the door, waiting for it to answer.


The door opened again and the dark-haired man stepped out to invite her in. Jenene was almost shocked to find him in a… somewhat decrepit mood. His eyes almost looked... overexcited His usually straight and well-kept hair was somewhat messy and mouth looked… strangely wet.


Jenene was going to ask him about the house… but she knew that it would be rude as Mr. Horne was probably not in the mood for such questions. The girl had a small gut feeling that her tutor was affected in one way or another by this house.


The man croaked, “How are you Jenene? Probably a lot better than I am?”


Jenene answered, "To be honest, I'm kind of under the weather, but I'll manage."


She almost didn't want to be here as much as how Clancy was feeling.
“Are you sure you can tutor me today?”


“Yes. I've been doing some things upstairs during the last several hours. Don't worry, it's nothing. Let's get started.”
They went to the office, Jenene took out her things and began working on some mathematics and physical science. But eventually, Mr. Horne left her alone.


Written by ovelymars908 on 16 July 2017


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