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After a few hours, Jenene slowed her work as she noticed it was getting dark outside… thus realizing that she was overstaying her welcome. During most of the time, Mr. Horne got in and out of his seat helping her. This time, she was alone in the office room again. The only source of light was the lamp and light coming from the hallway.


“Uh, Mr. Horne, where are you?” No answer.


She called out to him again. Still no reply.


Seeing that it was useless, Jenene packed up her backpack and walked out of the room, spooked.


She went into the living room again, almost upset it was nearly dark and no lights were one. Then, she heard the cry of a parakeet. Jenene forgot about the pet birds. She switched on a nearby lamp and she noticed some feathers on the floor.


Then she heard a very creepy moan from another room….


Jenene shivered, “Mr. Horne?!”


No answer.


The girl held tightly to her backpack, walking towards. She went into another hallway where the source originally came from. As the girl was getting nearer, she began hearing sounds… disturbing sounds. Like ravenous chewing.


Is it coming from the kitchen?


The girl walked a little faster once the sound stopped. She was too scared to call out his name.


Then, came another creepy moan, but this time it sounded not like a man's voice... it sounded like some kind of animal or creature.


“Sooooo… ACH, ACH… hun grrr yy.”


Jenene stopped walking as she heard the horrid phrase…. That was not Clancy, it sounded so… unnatural.


The girl shivered, feeling a drop of sweat slowly dripping on her face. The sounds were coming from the kitchen and she was just about four feet away from it. There hardly seemed to be any lights on, and the girl didn't want to know what was happening in there.


Jenene, something weird is happening in that kitchen… at least it's dark… don't have to comprehend what it actually is.


The girl carefully approached the doorway of the kitchen. All she was in there was blackness… except for a huge shadow that loomed over the window. It was the tutor…


His body was horrifically tall and lank…. Jenene squinted her eyes for better vision and was shocked to find him eating something with his teeth and fingers, snarling as he chewed on something!


The girl slowly stepped back into the hallway and ran for the front door. Before she could turn the doorknob, Mr. Horne called her name.


“Jenene? Hold on!”


The girl screamed as she flipped the door opened and ran out, not bothering to look back.

Written by ovelymars908 on 20 July 2017

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