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Fortunately, Jenene had all weekend to tell her parents everything about Mr. Horne. That moment of her running from the house was still vivid from her mind. It was terrifying. Extremely terrifying. Seeing what Mr. Horne was doing, or what he really was preoccupying her mind. She almost couldn't sleep, save for a couple hours.


Once Jenene woke up on that Saturday morning, she was drowsy from the lack of sleep. Her parents wasted no time what was happening..


“Good morning Jenene-- oh goodness! Honey, did you sleep last night?” Rita exclaimed.


“Jenene… it looks like you had a nightmare. Is everything going okay?” Curtis asked.


The girl weakly sat in a chair while being given a small mug of tea to ease up before she could answer any questions, “Not exactly."


“What then? Something’s been on your mind lately?


Jenene winced at herself at the answer that was also wrong. “Yes. It’s about Mr. Horne”


Rita looked at her daughter and said, “Come on Jenene… What’s going on? Did you went to Mr. Horne like we said in the note?”


“Yes and I. Can't. Go. Back!”


“What?! What happened?!”


“Get ready for a long talk... Sasha Googled his address and we found out some things. There was some kind of occult who did rituals in that house. Don’t believe me? Look it all up and you’ll know what I’m talking about!”


Jenene grabbed her laptop from the closet and turned it on to quickly type in the home address. Rita looked at the computer and carefully read the articles, learning about the Morrigan cult and missing person reports. Jenene also mentioned Mrs. Blake’s visit. Curt read the articles as well, but he wasn't apparently too thrilled about this new information. However, it was not the kind of disapproval Jenene expected.


“Jenene. This… This… I don’t believe all this.”




“I’m not referring to the historical evidence of the house… I’m skeptical of Mr. Horne having any involvement with that house--in the present time, I mean.”


“He had a lot of pet birds.”


“Okay?! That doesn’t mean he has connections to the cult then. Those people are long gone anyway.”


Rita sipped some of her coffee before speaking, “I don’t mean to sound superstitious Curt, but something’s telling me it’s too much a of coincidence.”


“Okay… But why do we need to assume?” Curt asked


“We don't want to, but I think we should talk to clear things up. Maybe that would give Jenene some peace of mind.”


“Whatever it takes to shake off the suspicion, I won’t stop you both.”


Curt murmured, “Really Jenene, I honestly don’t understand why you raise such a big fuss. Mr. Horne seems normal..”


Jenene looked at the table blankly, asking herself now if what she saw last night was just a figment of her imagination, but her eyes did not lie to her. Mr. Horne was... not himself in that kitchen. The question she should be asking what was going on with Clancy Horne. Who was he? And most importantly, does he really have anything to do with the house?


“I agree with your mother on speaking to him at his house. At least we can get a progress report on the tutoring at least.” Curtis said as he stood up.


“I think that’s a wonderful idea. Don’t you think Jenene?” Rita asked.


“Er, right.”


Written by ovelymars908 on 23 July 2017

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