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When you wake up, you initially think you are in your house. Your wife and kids will be downstairs, probably having pancakes or something for breakfast. You push up under the clean white covers and set about getting ready for work like you usually do.


Instead, you awake on a bed of grass, only to see your reflection in the lake when you stand and walk over to wash your face. Only to see that what had happened yesterday wasn’t been some kind of illusion. It really happened.


“Great…” You groan. Then turning to check on Ry. Awkwardly, you fumble with your shirt, looking at your new chest in the reflection. Yup, those are real. Well, as real as they can look when covered with fur. You still look like some kind of cartoon.


You also check down below, and find the situation is as you had expected. You have female genitalia now, and you are not sure how you feel about it. Being a new gender…you still feels like yourself in many ways, but you wonder if you might start to feel for men…or start acting like a girl. You know little about this kind of thing…


“Oh, you’re up.”
You jolted, and spin round to see that Ry is awake now. She smiles at you, her snout wriggling as she stands up.
“Oh…hey.” You mutter awkwardly, as she walks over past the dead fire, and kneels by the lake, washing her face. You decide to do the same, and the feeling of matted fur is…strange. You aren’t sure if you really felt clean after it.


“So, we should head off.” You grab your bag and put it on your back again. Ry also grabs hers, though pouts a bit.
“No breakfast?”
“We’ve nothing to eat, and I don’t want to waste any time trying to hunt for something.” You say firmly, and start walking. Ry pretty much has no choice but to follow you, stomach rumbling.


Written by vanillametal on 14 February 2016

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