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You and Ry seem to walk forever. In fact, you walk for so long, that you emerge from the jungle completely, and end up by the sea cliffs, without finding anyone else. Plenty of wildlife was lurking among the trees though. Toucans to tarantulas…you are kind of glad to be out of there.


“Wow…” Ry paces to the cliff edge, the wind ruffling her dark fur, tail fluttering a bit like her ears. “We’re a long way out, aren’t we…”
You join her, and stare out at the deep ocean, which stretches for so many miles that you can see nothing on the horizon. It has a bit of a stranded feel to it. Soon enough you’d be forced to write S.O.S messages on the beach. Either that, or you’d just end up going crazy and make a best friend out of a ball…


The two of you stand there a while, admiring the view, when you both hear a sudden, animalistic noise, echo above the wind. Both of you flinch, tense, and turn around cautiously.


“What was that!?” Ry exclaims, until you both saw a shadow fall upon you…


Written by vanillametal on 15 February 2016

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