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Both of you screams, and stumble back as a winged creature flew down. A lion creature, with a large, golden mane, but a human face. Another anthro, just like you and Ry. You know that face too. As it landed, you realize that it wis as Shift. You hadn’t liked him much when he was alive, now he had ambushed you!?


Well, not exactly. He just ends up landing in his new form before the two of you, walking over on four legs. It is strange. He behavior more like an animal than Ry and yourself, but his face is much more human than either of yours.


“Shift?” Ry asked, and he glances between the two of you. He nods, recognizing his name.
“So, you got transformed too. Have you seen Quinn or Elena?” You ask, but the sphinx shakes his head, hearing their names in your question, and guessing that you were probably wondering if he had seen them or not. However, he can’t understand anything else you are saying. His grasp of human language seems to have been sacrificed for the sake of his magnificent transformation.


“Great…they could be all the way on the other side of the island for all we know.” You roll your eyes, and put your paws on your voluptuous hips. “And here I was hoping that you of all people would know.”
Shift just stars at you, and dosen’t speak. It is unsettling, to say the least.


“This is amazing!” Ry seems happy enough, and examined Shift with fervor, but he swipes out at her defensively, and she stumbled back.
“Hey!” You snap, storming over to him. “Watch where you’re swinging. We’re all on the same team here!”


He just looks up at you, and blinks blankly.

Written by vanillametal on 16 February 2016

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