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“O…kay…?” You stare straight back at him. Then something came to light in your mind. Maybe he can’t understand you?
“Um…do you know what I’m saying?” You ask.
Shift just blinks, and makes a shrugging motion, before starting to make hand signals. He seems to be pointing to the blue tinged barrier, which you can see, glowing translucently around the circumference of the island.


“I don’t think he can reply to us…at least not in a way we would understand.” Ry hums. “Looks like he wants to tell us something about the barrier though…”


You are well aware of that, and are playing close attention to the gestures that Shift is making, trying to discern and understand them. He keeps pointing to the barrier, making flapping motions with his wings, and pointing to the barrier again. After a moment, you pose your interpretation.


“You…you know a way of getting through the barrier…”


Written by vanillametal on 17 February 2016

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