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"Alright..." Marcus says. "I do not know WHAT she did or pressed, but to cause such an overload and a literal explosion." He says as all of you observe the ramshackle device. It looks like it WAS sturdy enough but the monitor is dead.


"I think that these cables are transmitting something..." Ken says, taking a peek inside the machine. "What I am not sure... but I doubt it's the barrier as the thing is fried..." he says


"Whatever it did... Im certain it doesn't do any longer. But where does the electricity come from? I haven't seen any power source." You say and the two women next to you comment.


"I think we can all agree that this thing is most likely responsible for the barrier... how no one of us knows but if we can alter or fix this thing... maybe the barrier goes down?" Jen asks but Eve is quick to point otherwise.


"Yes! But no one of us understands what this thing is or what it does! I mean for all we know we can make it even worse!" she declares. You ponder on the debate. Do you try to interact with the thing or not.


Written by Luksinatriks on 12 February 2018

Both You try to interact and fix the thing

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