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"Well... since Im pretty sure this isn't just the producer playing a hoax on us." You say, being the most sure amongst them that this isn't some sort of a prank, since you did get your gender changed. "I admit that we can potentially fuck this up even worse... but I fear that since we cant trust the producers and we haven't seen a hint of their presence here... we must do this or risk being stranded." You conclude. Eve blinks as the realization hits her.


"No... even if it is true that the producers tricked us and just dumped us here... leaving us with no other humans or ways out..." she speaks, clearly frightened. "They do realize that our families would know we are missing right?" she speaks.


"I only have a sister... she knows Im here but we don't hear from each other often." Ken admits.


"Im a widower, only child." Marcus confirms.


"Well I don't know about you but I have 3 siblings and when they find out!" Eve says angrily as Ken and Marcus approach the device, trying to figure out where the wires go and reattach them. "They all KNOW Im here and-" Eve continues but you cut her off.


"Even if they do and this is all somehow broadcasted and they find out immediately... I doubt they would be able to fight the corporation to get us off the isle immediately... besides you know how they are about these contracts." You say dryly as you hear Marcus yelp behind you.


"Damn it!" he says swinging his hand with pain.


"There is a power source... it leads directly into the ground and it is reinforced by metal... without advanced tools I doubt we will get anywhere." Ken says calmly.


"We'll keep working on it." Marcus says bitterly. The question is, what now? Your still a man down and you need to either find or create shelter.

Written by Luksinatriks on 20 February 2018

Both You decide to get a view of the isle.

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