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Jamie was sort of annoyed with how the cloth bra felt, but…well it worked. Steve had some good craftsmanship if he could craft a bra from plant fibers and nothing more. Currently, the two of them were beginning to trek through the jungle, the man taking the lead with his own spear as Jamie held one herself, though with a slight lax grip…she had never expected to be using one of these.
Though, granted, she couldn’t recall a lot of things.
“So, what is this place, Steve?” She asked, lifting one of her pawed feet and crossing over downed tree, glancing down to it as the man worked to keep himself moving. “And how did I get here?”
“For the latter, you were chosen…by who, we’re not sure. And this place? All we call it is The Island. It’s a massive, ever expanding place that seems to be made up of several different biomes somehow, despite the climate and the location of us.”
“Biomes?” Steve seemed to just point left.
“Keep going that way, it just gets hotter and hotter, and then it becomes a swampy biome. Go the other, and you end up in a temperate forest. And, even weirder, you go north, and you end up in a fucking tundra.”
“That doesn’t make any sense.”
“Yet it’s there; the same for the others. I think this place was…engineered, to be like this; made to be some sort of sick, twisted Island, where they roam.”
“And they, being these…Augmented, right?”
“Indeed; being with grafted animal parts. I’ve seem ‘em; some have bird wings and bull legs, and others are outright centaurs of sorts like you, though less tiger and more horse. The fauna, aside from them, isn’t all that bad…just what you’d expect from each biome.”
“The Augmented are bad?”
“They killed my Tribe of friends. We all washed up on the shore some time ago and formed together, getting things done and surviving until we could find answers…then the Augmented attacked, and started killing left and right. I got out, but I don’t know about the others…now I just roam about, trying not to stick to one place for very long just in case they’re still hunting me.” Jamie honestly wanted to poke as many holes in Steve’s claims and explanation of what was going on…but she couldn’t; it was literally all the information she had to go on regarding what was going on for this island and why she was like this. She had a list of possible options and ideas to consider, some less savory than other, so the Tiger taur decided to take her chances with one thing.
“How…smart, are the Augments? Are they like me?”

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 17 January 2018

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