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“Not in the slightest. The human and animal sides battled but the latter won out in vicious irony. They’re all insane beasts, and they’ll kill without a moment’s hesitation.” So, scratch that on getting help from the Augments to get her answers; that still left Jamie with a few of them, though not desired in the slightest.
“So, Steve,” She began, sliding her spear onto her back and making sure it was secure with the line of fiber rope. “Say someone wanted answers and an explanation for…well all of this shit; where would they go? I hate to break it to ya but you’re not the soundest guy for answers…perhaps not even valid either.”
“…well that was a low blow, but…there.” They stopped at a cliff, and Jamie’s eyes widened at the sight before her.
A giant, emerald pillar. It was miles away sure, but it stretched high enough into the sky that no matter from what peak someone stood from, they’d always have a clear sight of the pillar; said pillar contained a haunting green glow to it as well.
“That’s the Gateway, Jamie…some of those in my tribe theorized it was a way out of here…a way to get back home, hence the name for it. But, they were never able to confirm it.”
“Why’s that? Did something happen to them all?”
“Just those they sent; they never came back. Some say the closer one gets to the Gateway, the harsher the fauna gets until they can’t survive over there. Some said also that it requires a key lain out somewhere. But, like it or not, that’s the Gateway…if you want answers, you’ll definitely find them there.” The Gateway was huge, though the name made it sound like it clearly wasn’t. With his mind made up, Jamie knew what she needed to do.

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 22 January 2018

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