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“I’m gonna go for it.”
“Jamie! I just told you how dangerous it’ll be! Not only does the fauna get worse out there, but the number of Augments peaks as well! You won’t survive out there!”
“I’d rather find out the truth than stay like…this, forever! Besides, don’tcha reminder that teeny tiny info bomb you just dropped? The part about Augments losing their minds? Didn’t think I’d take that to memory? If I don’t get this…shit, reversed, I’ll end up like those things, and that’ll fucking suck, now won’t it?” The panicked, disheartened look told Jamie that Steve was mulling over it all, and rationally, Jamie had a point.
If she was going to lose her mind, the only means to both prevent that and escape the Island were to press on towards the Gateway, and see what it contained. It either held one, or the other.
“…alright…I mean hey, my friends are already dead. Not like I have much else to sit around for in the Jungles. Let’s take a bit to gear up and prepare, and then we can get moving for the Gateway. If we try to venture now, we won’t make it. I do have an idea, though.”
“Some of the more…intellectuals for the tribe I was in were working on a map to reach the Gateway; if we can get back there, we can probably recover it and use it to plot a more logical course.” Jamie was…conflicted; while a map was an assurance to make sure they were going the right way, that meant time would be spent not going for the Gateway and prolonging their time here.
And that, of course meant there were higher risks of Jamie succumbing to those feral instincts she was warned about.
But, on the flipside of that, if they got the map, if it was there, they ran a much greater chance of actually maneuvering to the Gateway safely and even bypassing the Augments present along the way to safely reach the escape.
“…alright, Steve…show me where this map is.”

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 26 January 2018

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