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6 people are deposited on an island.


The 1st night someone accidentally activates a barrier.


In the tv studio the producers quickly realise that they can't get anybody out or in but the automatic cameras' signals are still working. They decide to relabel the show as fiction.


Now which character do you wish to start with?

Written by catprog on 17 December 2000

Yourself emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Who cares about any of the other characters.


Just go as yourself.

Written by catprog on 20 November 2016

The arrival ship emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You pack your bags looking around your cabin, making sure not to leave anything behind. Before you know it , the knock on the door comes and you are pushed out.


The rafts are cut loose and after someone goes down to catch everything you start tossing the survival equipment down.


Canvas, pots, food everything starts to get loaded on the raft.


Just before you leave, you spot a fire making kit hidden in a bag of rice. Quickly grabbing it before the siren sounds you slip it into your pocket.


You find a spot and start paddling towards the island. The moment the first person steps onto the beach you feel your insides turn inside out for a moment.


You look around to see a shimmering barrier blocking your view of the horizon.


Written by catprog on 05 August 2017

First Night emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

As you stare at the barrier one of the others starts barking orders. "You their, get shelter. You start finding water. You fire"


It shakes everyone else out of their slump and soon the camp is being made. You hold up the fire making kit and after a few false starts the fire is going.


By the afternoon the camp is coming together. A shelter has been made, the kitchen set up. And the fishermen have even caught their first fish.


Just as the meal is finished and cleaned up, the rain comes. It buckets down, putting out your fire. The shelter is mostly dry although enough waters gets in that everyone is wet.


Through the gaps and the lightning you see what is out their.

Written by catprog on 10 August 2017

Both Lion Pride

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