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Giving in the invitation, he ran until his lungs were on fire, forcing him to stop and rest for a moment, watching the world continue to exist around him. He could see trees not so far away as the forest entrance was getting closer; he could take a break before entering it, so it would be easier for him to find his way into it, but he had the impression that time was against him, so he decided to hurry, forgetting about his aching lungs and muscles.
The faster he would get rid of this, the fastest he could go back to his regular life, pretending that this never happened in the first place; as much he wouldn't enjoy denial, he knew that with time, it would happen, for his mind would place barriers to protect himself from anything that would seem out of the common. It was a practical skill, one that could save his mind from being broken.
But for the moment, he had a riddle to solve and a forest to explore, before the moon would greet him with its pale glow. It would be a beautiful sight, one that could soothe his troubled spirit, but until he would find the cause of this entire situation, nothing could help him find peace of mind, even if it was pure beauty.
As he looked at the entrance of the forest, a question assaulted him; what was the right path, the one that would lead him toward the destination he was seeking? There were so many roads possible in this area, which could lead him toward either fate or despair; the futures that were unfolding in front of him were limitless, but he couldn't be stopped by such a thing, for he would continue advancing, until he would reach his objective, the one that would deliver the key to his puzzle.
He would make a choice, one that would alter his destiny; he could always try to find a way to let a little path, so he could go back on his steps and explore another possibility, until he would reach the object of his desire. If he was unlucky, he would be unable to do such a thing in a day, but that would always leave him with knowledge of the area, something that would be quite practical for future explorations.

Written by zanian on 15 July 2014

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