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Not caring about the consequences, he decided to take a path at random, knowing that the chances to reach what he was seeking were low. But he wanted to believe in fate and luck, to give a small chance to some unknown and obscure force that could have been guiding his steps until this moment.
At least the forest wasn't too dense in the area, giving him an edge, as temporary as it could be; he had no clue where he was, but he knew that somewhere in the middle of that sea of trees, there was his target. If only he had brought a map and a compass with him, this wouldn't have happened...
It was at this moment that he felt something sting him at the base of his neck; perhaps it was just a simple hornet, or a mosquito that wanted to add him to the menu. But as he tried to advance further ahead, he started to feel dizzy, as if his strength was being sapped away; it couldn't be a reaction to a mere insect, for he wasn't allergic to them, as far as his knowledge went.
Perhaps it was something else, an element that was beyond his control, a force that wanted to stop his control; these were the last thoughts that wandered in his mind as darkness clouded his eyes, his body scrambling trying to get him awake so he would be able to escape before it would be too late.
But as his legs flinched under his weight, giving under the influence of the poison running in his veins, he knew that it was too late for him to run away; was this fate punishing him for tempting it, or what it just his destiny? If only he would be able to know...

Written by zanian on 22 July 2014


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