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But you couldn’t resist, your body kept changing, growing with every moment. Your mind raced, trying to understand your body and the strange thoughts that seemed to fill your mind. The demons around you seemed to be ready to capture or kill, their spears poised to strike as they brought in long chains.
You turned your head at the sound of the door opening once again and the shuffle and scrape of shoe soles on concrete. You stared into the face of Konnor Lowell, Grand-Wizard and leader of the human resistance, and yet he seemed to be in control of the demons right now.
The silver-haired wizard turned from the demons and stared down at you. “My, my,” he smiled, “haven’t we caught ourselves a gorgeous beast.”
Eyes beaming, he addressed you. “You almost escaped us, but in the end you were just a tad too slow,” he said. “I created you, I created all of you! And this time, I’m not making any mistakes. You don’t need to worry, it’ll be painless and quick, you won’t even notice the mind control spell at first. Just relax.”
“No, I won’t!” You screamed, razor sharp claws flashed from the tip of your paws and you lashed out blindly.
The sharp claws slammed into the nearest demon chopping through the flesh and bones. Blood sprayed over the stone floor. Hot droplets splashed your face and Konnor jumped back in fear. The wizard screamed at the demons and staggered back, howling like a tornado.
The demons swung their rifles and spears towards you, but you jump out of the room as the bullets punched right through the thin walls.
I’m dead. That phrase hammered in your brain louder even than your frantic heart and the gunfire. It could only be a few heartbeats before some demons hit you.

Written by ashley-natter on 19 July 2019

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