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And stopped.
For a moment, you still lay quivering as the virtual reality dissolves around you.
You were yanked awake by the sound of your phone ringing. You yanked out the VR headset desperately, your heart throbbing as you recover from the experience that had seemed so real.
A horrid feeling was brewing in the pit of your stomach. With eyes still closed, you lay there in the moment of time between dreaming and waking, feeling the tension on your muscles as the memories of the nightmare wash over you. You had never passed out while playing ever before, that nightmare certainly had felt all too real.
But then you looked at your phone and snapped back to reality.
You had overslept! Waking up for school had always been difficult, but today it seemed especially troublesome as you dragged yourself out of bed. 
Your feet touched the carpet, and for a moment you simply sat on the edge of the bed, trying to remember what had really happened last night. Your body felt heavy and sluggish; numb limbs that refused your commands.
You stood up and looked in the mirror that hung on the wall. For a moment, you were back in the dream, the creature looking straight into your soul, the idea of who you were contrasted strikingly with reality.
Your eyes were golden and strikingly deep, the fur that covered your body was like pale gold. White, beautiful wings grew from your back, your tail lashing behind you anxiously.
You wanted to scream, but you were too shocked for that. Your whole body was covered in the pale gold fur, a long tail ended in a tuft of fur extended from your tailbone. You had grown to six feet, with your rounded, feline ears adding a few inches. A pair of wings covered in white feathers stood on your back, your face seemed to be almost humanoid, but it had distinct feline traces, your hair was now of a deep black, coming to your shoulders in a straight cut, decorated with gold rings. 

Written by ashley-natter on 20 July 2019

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