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“…well…here it is.” Jake Wright stared at a box that had arrived a few hours ago, the young man seated in his desk chair, facing his bed. He had ordered this costume from a shady site a few days ago, testing the waters by ordering a few various things that didn’t seem all that bad such as…well honestly sex toys. When those came safe and sound, with no additional stings, he went for this next product.


Realistic Lizardman costume! Guaranteed to make you feel like a cold-blooded monster on holidays and even at conventions!


That was the tagline both online and on the box. Did he believe it? Somewhat; thankfully it wasn’t that expensive…if anything, the sex toys almost costed less than it. None the less, he sighed, moving over to the cardboard box and prying it open, removing the tape and the other things before the suit was exposed.


The sudden smell Jake was exposed to was…different; it smelt earthly, like a rich jungle after a rain shower. It was pretty nice, in all seriousness…though, Jake did feel some hesitation as he pulled out all the suit’s components and pieces.


As to be expected, there was a lot of padding. There was also some assembly required beforehand; having to slide the padding in to various spots and even tighten a few things on it, Jake gradually donned the suit and tightened things as he did, having had to strip down to only a pair of shorts and a muscle shirt to get inside, the man not being a stranger to proper cosplay etiquette. No one wanted to die of heatstroke in their suit, after all, and considering that almost happened to him once, he wanted to do all he could to prevent such a thing from transpiring.


Finally, the head came on, and once it was zipped up and locked in place, the young man turning to look into the mirror to see what he looked like now.


Admittedly, he did look realistic. The costume had emerald colored scales and frills along the head, forearms, and tail, all of a lighter yellow color. The arms were long, swinging near his knees with his stance, and the legs digitigrade, his feet being hooked into some plastic prosthetics to give his legs that reptilian look, the lower body encased in a pair of black shorts since he didn’t want to accidentally outline his crotch area if he moved too much. His fingers were all tipped with obsidian black claws, curled a bit to make them look even more like reptilian claws; dangerous…though the claws were all just made from hardened plastic, and there were grey bandings coming pre-wrapped around the forearms and hands. He was hunched a bit due to the suit’s padding, and it was insulated enough to provide protection from the heat and at the same time, absorbent enough to soak up any sweat he had, though he did struggle to look through the eye lenses where the eyes were on the head. The head was triangular, more like a monitor lizard’s head as opposed to anything else, and the maw, due to a mouth-guard he wore, opened and closed each time he opened and closed his own mouth; to further add to the dramatic realism. He even found a cool fake sword, two handed, even.


“Really badass.” Jake mused to himself, posing a bit in the mirror, really feeling the snugness of the suit. He wasn’t sure about the size originally but here, it all worked now. “Need to keep testing it though…” He had to make sure it allowed him to move properly and handle various things; no point in calling it good if it meant he couldn’t even get ten feet before collapsing. Testing it, Jake started to walk, getting across his apartment before coming to a stop, smirking underneath the mask. It was all working so damn well! Jake made a note to make additional changes and innovations to the suit, such as perhaps internal air flow with some fans and even a few other changes to the suit to better himself.


Already, Jake was trying to think on where else he could use the suit, aside from conventions…could even sneak into work with it and scare his boss for shits and giggles…then again…he had the idea doing such a thing could backfire heavily.


He didn’t want to get fired by running around and scaring someone while looking like a giant lizard.
Still, Jake moved back to his room and towards his desk, already thinking on the things he would need to make the suit better than it already was so he could stay in it for as long as possible. Who knows, he could convert it into another costume with some additional cosmetics; there were a few games and books that featured Lizardmen in it.


Now he had a genuine costume that was sure to get him all the best attention! Perhaps it was the best fate of all the costume was for so cheap; meant he had money to cover other expenses while at the same time perfecting the costume.


“The hell?” Jake noticed something. The main zipper near the neck of the suit just…wasn’t there anymore. He felt around for it, in a bit of a panic, trying to figure out why, out of nowhere, the suit refused to come off. It was unnerving! In his panicked state, Jake didn’t notice the false tail hit something, his attention being drawn from the glass shattering and of course, he tried to get the gloves off so he could grab the broom and clean it up.


Like with the neck, he couldn’t remove the gloves for some sudden reason. They felt adhered to his skin now, like no matter how hard he tugged at them, they just wouldn’t come off. Panic escalated to full blown terror from this revelation, as he started to struggle and panic now with his efforts to get the suit off. Muffled curses and swears came from Jake as he struggled, eventually falling onto his side as he intensified his efforts to get out of the suit; it just didn’t make any sense to him! Jake’s efforts were, unfortunately, rewarded with him banging his back against the wall, and for his vision to blur sharply before he fell to the ground. Something from the shelf had fallen on his head…and even through the suit, it was enough to drop Jake to the ground, struggling to maintain consciousness from the massive rap to the head. He wasn’t even sure if he’d be able to even survive while out cold with the suit on, yet despite his best efforts, he started to drift.


Drifting into nothing but darkness, an ever encompassing blackness that was always the sign that one was to black out.

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 02 November 2017


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