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A dull, throbbing sensation greeted Jake when he regained consciousness, as well as a chorus of other feelings that came onto play as he gradually started to awaken. He realized he was on grass…did…he get dragged out of his apartment at some point? Where was he now? He lifted himself from the ground, eyes closed for a faint moment, before he rose to his feet.


“Aughghhhhhh…” Weird…he tried to speak but words didn’t come out. The only sound that resonated was just a deep, bellowing noise…one that clearly wasn’t his own. As he was on his feet, Jake noticed further that his stance was much higher than it should be. He choked it up to the costume still being on but…why was his vision so clear? When he wore the costume earlier, he couldn’t see out of it insanely well due to the head of it. Somehow…now, it worked. He started to move, gradually becoming more aware of his surroundings to tell that he was in a forest of some sort; woods. That made him even more perplexed; his apartment’s closest venture to nature was a damn park that was typically filled to the brim with single mothers with their kids and sometimes meth abusers. How did he suddenly get into the woods? It didn’t make any logical sense. As he walked, he felt heavier now, weighed down, if anything. It was surreal.


He noticed something ahead; a town. Strangely, the buildings were…old. Not like they looked ill taken care of but they literally looked old timey; made of wood and stone instead of brick and metal, and the people had dress of the same fashion. Did someone take him to one of those Medieval fairs? Why go through all the effort to do so, especially when he was in costume?
Speaking of in costume, one of them could no doubt be of some aid to help him get the costume off and allow him freedom…then he could focus on getting home and finding out who put him here in the first place, as well as if his apartment was okay. His feet started to pass from the soft soil to the hard road, and he felt…weird; the plastic must be damaged, since he could feel the textures of the cobblestone he walked over. Still, Jake refocused, and noticed that he towered over everyone by at least a head or so, even more in a few cases! The people here were very small.


Tapping someone’s shoulder, Jake wasn’t greeted with mild annoyance like he expected from going up to someone random…in fact, the person he tapped screamed bloody murder and fought to get away from him.


“L-Lizardman! There’s another one of those beasts here! Get the Town Guard!” Town Guard? Another one? Lizardman? None of this made any remote sense? He tried to explain it to the man, hands shaking distressed, but all that emerged from his maw was another gaunt, bellowing sound. Why couldn’t he talk?! His hands went up to tug at the suit head in a panic as he watched the man take off like a bat out of hell, and pain flashed in his mind for a moment when he tugged onto his head.

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 08 November 2017

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