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A chill ran up Jake’s spine when he felt his head. The skin felt…cold, scaled now, and worse yet, alive. He looked over himself in a panic, fear coursing through him as he watched his originally fake, three toed feet, move slowly; each toe moving on its own, and the claws on his head felt real; like firm metal spikes as opposed to the normal plastic of the glove. He even turned his head to see his tail; now animate and swishing back and forth as opposed to the inanimate status it was earlier. This had to be a dream; a fucking nightmare fueled from his peril of the suit running into an error when he first tried to remove it. But, try as he might, the sensations he felt were very real; his visage in a storefront reflection also being the key to denote his descent into the unwilling insanity.


His shoulders were broad now, chest rising and falling with every breath as muscles rippled underneath his now scaled hide. His pecs lacked a nipple, but he was aware that he had abs. The most harrowing part was his head. He opened his maw, and instead of seeing the faint hint of the man inside, he saw only pinkness, and a long, floppy red tongue swishing about in his maw, filled with curved, serrated teeth. His serpentine, ivory eyes were filled with terror as he saw this. He didn’t hit his head and fall asleep; by some sort of cruel twist of fate and irony, he had somehow become the very thing he was suited as in his apartment; a Lizardman!


“There! The beast is there! Battlemages, at the ready!” He turned sharply to stare at the small group of people, clad in metal armor and appearing Knightly, but it was clear they had a bone to pick with him. He tried in desperation to explain once more, but all that emerged was a gaunt, roaring sound, one that really did not help his situation.


Sudden pain filled him as he felt something strike him, Jake staggering back and falling onto a table, crushing it with his weight. He felt intense burning in his chest, burning that gradually faded, Jake rubbing at his chest while rising.


“So, Fire blasts don’t seem to burn that scaled hide as much as it should.” A robed man rose from behind the crowd, holding a staff that Jake could only assume was made from bone of some sort. “No matter; my magics should easily subdue this beast before it can harm another innocent.” They were calling him a monster? A beast? It made no sense to Jake, but what he was made painfully aware of was the fact that he needed to run…to get somewhere where these strange people couldn’t chase him.


Or I could kill them…and devour their flesh…

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 11 November 2017

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