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That thought…it wasn’t his. He didn’t know why his mind tried to pitch that idea, but it didn’t matter. He turned, clumsily running away from them as he could pick up the sounds of their metal and leather boots falling to the ground in a combined chorus. He could hear screams and various other noises, but he didn’t care; he had to get somewhere these strange men wouldn’t pursue him any longer.


Jake tripped, and fell to all fours, but despite that…he kept moving; almost as if his body knew to transition from two legs to four legs. It was baffling, and almost stupid, but as he put massive distance between himself and the men, Jake came to the conclusion that, while stupid, it worked…therefore, it wasn’t stupid. More distance was placed, and Jake felt the ground change back to the soft earth he had awoken upon; moving back into the woods and venturing even deeper into it and hearing the sounds of the men gradually fade…they couldn’t find him, and now, Jake was alone; the newly changed person knelt down by a stream, catching his breath and calming his heart down.


None of this made any sense. None of this made any form of sense; he was turned into a fucking Lizardman and now, somehow, he wasn’t just out of his house, but he was in some sort of fantasy world! No wonder their clothing looked so dated and things seemed so out of tune; the second he put the suit on, some cosmos force felt it was fitting to place Jake into a world where the suit was best.


Speaking of which…it was him now. He had become the suit. He didn’t know if there was even a way home from this, and even if he did get back to his own time, there was no telling if he would be as himself, human, or like…this. Jake seemed damn near close to giving up hope, but he tapped his head, letting out a sharp snarl to silence his fears and worries.


He will get home, and he will fix this; that much, Jake knew for certain! Still, priorities; he had to think on one of the more pressing matters.


What abilities he had. If he was a Lizardman now, then what quirks came with this new body? What tricks did he have up his sleeve? He tried to recall all forms of media and gaming that involved Lizardmen; what quirks did they have there? Testing an idea, Jake inhaled deeply, and he smelt a vast amount of aromas: the spring flowers, the deer in the far distance, the soil’s earthy scent and even the sweat of his pursuers, staining trees and the ground from how fast they had been running to catch him. So, that meant so far, he had superhuman senses, or at least it was a slam dunk when it came to scent. Looking down to his claws, Jake stood slowly and approached a tree, lashing his hand down and watching in fascination as the bark splintered and pieces of it hit the ground; four diagonal claw marks present along the tree and running in deep.


So, his claws were also highly powerful as well…that was a perk.

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 15 November 2017

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