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“Magic” Annie answered clapping her talons together.
“I'm going to learn magic!” Daniel talon pumped. Inside her mind was crying magic, magic. Daniel basked in the absolute dream of all fantasy lovers. The ability to use magic yourself!
“No, you're learning riddle making.” Annie shook her head. Killing Daniel's mental parade.
“But you said magic!” Daniel cried, she said it, Daniel may not know where her ears were in her new body, but they could hear!
“You ask what was off the table, and I answered.” Annie smiled and came over giving Daniel a big hug that used both her talon arms and wings.
“Riddlers are a noble profession, and with your looks option three may come on its own.” Annie pulled back with a wink. Daniel couldn't say a word. His dreams of magic had come so close that she could feel the heat of the fire ball forming in her talons. Instead, she was going to learn how to rhyme in a confusion manner?
“There has to be a mistake.” Daniel said, they had to be, there must be!
“No mistakes. Anat will be here to pick you up shortly.” Annie smiled and the feathers around her face ruffled. “It's been so long since I brought a riddler from the fountain.” People started to come around. Everyone from the shops started to come around.

Written by psto1464 on 27 January 2020

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