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“Congrats Annie.” A small red and brown sphinx said, giving Annie a hug. “About time!” The old bird beside her chirped up.
“It's been too long.” Other voices of praise and congratulations chimed in from around them. Both shop keepers and shoppers combined. All were happy and talking to themselves.
“Thanks everyone!” Annie beamed like it was her that was going! It wasn't! It was her, and they didn't know one thing that Daniel did.
“I'm too stupid to make up riddles!” Daniel was, her grades in school were mediocre at best. Failing at worst. Daniel's cries went unheard by all, but one.
“I could teach you magic.” A small voice slithered in through the chaos. Jumping backwards Daniel tripped over her own tail, when two strong arms grabbed hold of her.
“Thanks.” Daniel said, she forgot about the tail, Daniel sighed and turned towards the sphinx who helped her. She was pure white, not a speck of colour on her, she looked so serene, like an angel. Daniel couldn't imagine a prettier image. Her mouth kept flapping open to comment on it, but couldn't think of words that didn't sound creepy.
“I can teach you magic.” She said again her voice very quiet. Daniel doubted anyone else could hear her with the noise of the crowed.
“Really?” Daniel asked. Not doubting, but a little skeptical that a pretty girl would come up to her and offer what she wanted.
“Indra, tells you what your best at; if you can reach your full potential.” She said, nodding. Her words so far made sense, so Daniel nodded along. “But whose to say you can reach that? Why not do the thing you want? Or even love? Then struggle at something you may be could at eventually.” Turning the sphinx waved a talon in a follow me motion. “Follow me if you want to learn more.”

Written by psto1464 on 29 January 2020


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