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“What has happened to you Bella, what has changed you so much to make you like this?” The alpha inquired.


“I know not of this Bella, of whom you speak, that person has long since gone from this body, a long time ago,” The black wolf smiled softly and extended a claw. That claw would soon glide across the Corner Stone of Life. A shuttering pulsating light shot through the stone.


That burst of light soon flooded the entire forest and something strange began to happen. All the trees around them began to wilt. All their leaves began to fall off rather drastically. All the birds that were in them began to fall like rocks to the ground, dead. All the plant life and growth that surrounded the pack had began to wilt and wither.


“Everything is dying!” Daniel’s she wolf would exclaim as she looked about frantically at all the dead things that surrounded her.


“Yes, soon everything in this world will die, it will rot away and leave everyone in it at the mercy of themselves.”


“Why are you putting this world in that kind of danger, what did this planet ever do to you?” Snarled the Alpha.


“I do not plan on destroying just one world, I plan on conquering them all,” He said. “I have great plans to shape the galaxy in my own vision, its time for the era of foolish dreams to be at its end,”


While the black wolf was talking to himself about his plans for world domination and conquest, another figure had appeared from the shadows. It was stepping forth toward the black wolf, ready to take the Corner Stone from him while he was occupied.

Written by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf on 11 May 2018

His Sister

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