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The figure had bright amethyst eyes that glowed brightly and intense. The others didn’t say a word as he reached and grasped for the stone with quick reflexes. The black wolf was taken aback by this.


“How dare you do this, brother.” Snarled the she wolf as her eyes flashed toward the black wolf. “I thought mother and father raised you better.”


“Mother and father didn’t give a rats ass about me,” He snarled. “It has always been about poor little you.” Sneered the wolf. “Pampering you, giving you everything you whined for,”


“While me, well. Whenever I asked for something ,I had to do things the hard way.” He would say sniffling slightly. “Mother and father saw me as the next one to take the throne, but they saw you as their beloved daughter. The one they can cater and pamper,”


“Don’t have a go at me brother. Look at what this hatred has done to you, you aren’t the same anymore,”


“Of course I’m not!” He barked aggressively. “I am much better then that poor pathetic version of myself I once was,” He said. “I have changed drastically for sure, and it is permanent.”


“What you are doing is wrong brother, no matter how angry you are with me, or your parents and the past.” She said calmly. “What you can do however is decide. Whether you want this to be your final fate, or if you want to make changes for the better,”


The black wolf growled slightly. “You mean you want me to give up everything that I have fought for, everything that I did?” He snarled.

Written by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf on 15 May 2018

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