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“This one.” you said, confused about your pick. It was some word you had never seen before, but it had begun with a prefix which you had recognized. “Neuro” you thought to yourself. “I can handle that.” With reassurance, you took a moment to check over your answer.
“Cool.” the guide said in a short response. “I must go now.” he said before parting.
“Peace out!” you replied to his back, getting up yourself to return the completed sheet. “I think we’re all set.” the high pitch of your voice just barely seemed to get the receptionist’s attention as she slowly turned back around to respond to you.
“Very well!” She said, taking the clipboard back from you. “Okay, if you’d go this way, that’d be fine.” she said, waving you off to a smaller side door next to the main hospital entrance.
“Okay. So do I follow the…”
“Yeah, if you follow the red line. “Neurosurgery” then you’ll begin your first job. We’re in urgent need of all types of staff, and you wouldn’t believe how rare someone in your profession can be.” You paused for a moment.
“Wait a minute…”
“What you can’t read?” She jested. “It’s what you filled out!” A laugh escaped her lips, thick neck thrown back in a jovial chuckle.
For a moment, you stumbled down the hallway, a bit unsure of where you had to go. Despite this, your hands still shook, every step was like agony, and the red line leading your way seemed almost indicative of your fate.
“Here I am…” You stood before a large set of double doors, a subtle beeping sound could be heard through the padded materials, and you could see through the plastic sheet-windows. Peering in, you could see others working, tightly wrapped up in protective equipment. “Should I…” You thought for a moment.

Written by DriftingDragon on 10 April 2021

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