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“Oh wait!” you seemed to notice two fishing polls lying around at the bank of the river, along with all the other things you two would have needed right at your disposal. “Looks like theres some stuff we can fish with over there!” you said happily before leading him by the hand over to the misc gear.
“Uhh, I guess we can use this.” he said, looking around for any other people. Clearly nobody else was around, so you both were easily able to setup to go fishing in a timely manner.
You realized that this was your first time fishing by the time you were fully set up, but your new friend seemed to be more than happy to help you through the process. Time seemed to pass super slowly as you both sat there waiting for your first bite, but for some reason despite bubbles rising from all areas of the river, there were no fish that had actually seemed to bite at either of your lines.
“So are you new around here? Why are you dressed so… nicely?” you didn’t seem to receive the flirting too well, this stranger was awfully bold to compliment you before even getting to know you. Though this didn’t set well with you, your polite ways caused you to respond anyway.
“I’m a princess.” your tone was slightly annoyed, and you spoke as if he should have already known this about you. ‘Glad he asked’ you thought to yourself in a sarcastic tone. The both of you continued to sit in silence. You watched him fidget in the pereprhi but in that moment something else seemed to have caught your eye. A rapidly approaching stranger in tattered rags began walking towards both of you faster than you could comprehend.
“SO it was YOU TWO who had stollen my gear!” he yelled loudly.
“Hey calm down, sorry about that, here you go.” the young man replied calmly before starting to reel in his line. Suddenly he realized that he had caught a fish. “Oh! Hey one moment” he said as he skillfully began reeling in his line, adjusting the tension accordingly.
“See, theres something about ya royals thas way much entitled! Screw this!” the scraggy old man said as he became more and more livid. What will you do?

Written by Driftingdragon on 30 August 2020

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