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Though you were greatly confused, you felt the need to defend your new friend.
“Hey calm down dude!” You yelled at him. Somehow the situation had escalated to a point where even you couldn’t stop things from going the way he did. After yelling some things about how fancily you were dressed, or the way you talked, he grabbe the young man by the collar and flung him hard into the powerful current of the river. It didn’t seem to be that powerful, but it was as if there was a riptide rapidly pulling the young man away.
All you could see was his hand sticking out of the bubbly white water, and even his voice was hard to hear over the crashing rocks around him. You were already in as deep as your new friend was, and without even thinking, you decided to jump in after him. ‘Why am I risking my life for someone I just met? You said to yourself as you felt the current whipping around your thick fur. It had become weighed down as you tried with all your might to paddle with every one of your limbs. But still six wasn’t enough; your shaggy dark fur became too heavy with the weight of the water, and your powerful arms and legs were no match for the strength of the water as they began to grow tired.
No matter how hard you paddled you always seemed to be a few meters away from your friend as he bobbed in and out of the water, just like the bright red lures of your fishing rods. You didn’t know how long it took before he no longer came up again, but every moment you were swiftly carried downstream seemed like a century as both you and the young man tumbled helplessly over and over in the whipping currents.
You didn’t seem to realize when your body had truly given out, the adrenaline made you feel as if you were still going through a plethora of different experiences, when in reality your exhausted body had given up on you. The seconds before you went under water for good didn’t even seem to register to your head as your body was thrown like a ragdoll beneath the thick waves. Maybe it was a rock that had knocked you unconscious, or maybe it was the air deprivation, but your life seemed to replay to you, maybe you were being given another chance? You began to forget where you even were. Maybe you were about to make a choice?

Written by Driftingdragon on 31 August 2020

The end (for now)
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