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You decide that you are hallucinating from the lake of water so you cup your hands and plunge them into the cold clead water. You drink greedily from the clean water letting the cooling feel of the water soothe your hoarse throat. You finish drinking after about three more hand fulls. A buzz starts to fill your body and suddenly you feel sick to your stomach. Was it the water? Then you feel your organs rearranging themselves inside of you. You feel one or two more growing as well and that is followed by a pulling in your groin as you manhood is being taken. Then you feel a warm tingle in your chest as two orbs grow outwards.
You realize in horror now that you are a girl! The last few touches come now as you hips grow in size and your waist slims out giving you some nice curves. Your fingers, arms and legs become more feminine, and you face transformas into a beautiful face angled in just the right way.
You feel like you're going to faint, but should you fight it or let it come?

Written by Anonymous on 11 March 2013

Both Fight It
Both Fall down

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