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You try to fight it. The last thing you need is to pass out and be eaten by some animal... not that that's the worst thing you imagine can happen. You feel faint as the transformation seems to have drained a lot of your energy. You are still not sure what had happened but you instinctively push a hand down your throat, causing you to gag and bend over, barfing some of the water out of you.


"ugh..." you still feel a light lightheaded, perhaps even more so as you feel like you have a migraine. Your thirst is replaced by a weariness and tiredness which you don't think is normal. Having little time to process this you take out your canteen, taking deep breaths as you bite your tongue. You don't have time to process this! You fill the canteen with water, maybe it will reverse your gender again, but honestly you don't want to go through the ordeal again.


"Hello?" you ask, remembering that this is all part of the show, right? You are being filmed are you not? It all makes sense now! Did they drug the water to cause you to hallucinate in order to boost popularity, views and reviews? You feel angry at this.


"This isn't funny! This isn't in the contract!!!" you declare angrily. Sure surviving and foraging are all part of the plan, but changing your gender and or drinking poisoned or drugged water!? What are the producers thinking!?!?!? You angrily bit your lip as you ponder your options. Do you decide to drink from the water again or not?


Written by Luksinatriks on 02 December 2017

Both Chose not to drink from the water.

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