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That first night really changed Jenene’s perception about private tutoring. Mr. Horne was much more patient and straightforward than Dwayne and Lee combined. Jenene didn't have the distracting rude comments about how 'wrong' she was answering the questions. She wasted no time completing her homework at a much faster rate than she had ever achieved before.


“I don't know why those teachers are so oblivious… your work is phenomenal. You're one of the very rare students who isn't well… for a lack of a better term, an airhead.”


“I'm just like doing my work right.”


“To be honest, it’s quite nice to have an adept client under me who’s more than capable in all subjects if I remember correctly from the phone interview with your parents. You're free to go. When you come back, you want a tour?”


“That’ll be great, thanks!”




Jenene left at seven in the evening. Her face turned anxious with the immediate realization that she had to walk in the dark with no functioning street lights. She walked on the sidewalk as a chill ran through the air, picking up the dead leaves fallen from nearby oak trees that gave a creepy atmosphere all around. The fall moon was completely full, which provided the only source of light that would help Jenene find her way home.


Don’t panic Jenene. I’m gonna have to ask him if I can leave early when it’s still light outside. This part of the neighborhood really gives me the creeps… Wonder why he stays here.


She calmed down and began walking briskly. Shortly after, she heard a loud cacophony of cawing of crows. It startled Jenene so much she lost her balance and tripped. She only caught a glimpse of the sound’s source before seeing a large flock of crows flying over the bare trees…. Jenene moved her eyes to where it was coming from, which was happening over the general vicinity of Mr. Horne’s house…. Suddenly a loud, piercing noise that vaguely sounded like a gigantic bird rippled through the silent neighborhood.


Jenene got up, held onto her belongings and fled the scene.

Written by ovelymars908 on 30 June 2017


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