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Jenene woke up that next morning, her mind was still running with questions of what happened last night. She was hoping her parents might have already forgotten about it, but her father asked anyway.


“Honey, do you want to talk about last night? When you came in the door, you looked like you ran a freaking track race.” Curtis said.


Jenene pinched the bridge of her forehead and said, “Mom, Dad, I saw something very weird.”




“At the tutor's home... I really don’t know how to explain it, but there is something weird in that house. A huge flock of crows was scattering all over his house, but he has a lot of pet birds too.”


“Really? I understand that he keeps birds... but also dealing with a crow infestation--er, hold up. Crows aren't active in the night! How's it possible? How does the man sleep or work with all that racket? No offense to the birds, though.” Curtis said.


That comment about crows being diurnal made Jenene remember her bird lesson in biology, and it helped raised a red flag. He was right indeed. The incident was becoming more uncanny than she thought.




Jenene met up with Sasha the next morning at the school door.


“Jenene! Hey. How was the tutor? How was he? Was he good?”


Picking her words carefully, she answered, “He's great. He totally lives up to his reputation.”


“Does he go to your house or you have to visit his?”


“I go to his.... Um, between you and me--I didn't tell Mom and Dad--he lives in the rundown part of the neighborhood.”
Sasha exclaimed, “Whoa… really?! My grandma lives around there. She told me a lot of weird stuff happening there when she was little. There was this very weird house on 10076 West Trelawney St. that she and her parents avoided.”


"WAIT, WHAT? The tutor lives in that very same house! Does your grandma know about a flock of crows that flies around his house at night? Because that's what I saw the other night when I left Mr. Horne's."


Sasha said slowly, "That sounds a tad bit familiar from what Grandma Mary said, yes. I'm not sure, though. Grandma's been telling me all this for years, but not once did I ever thought of finding out if this was all true or not...."


"Hey, if a weird house attracts weird things, I have no objections."


The bell rang.


Sasha said, "I'll look into it as soon when I get free time."


Written by ovelymars908 on 03 July 2017

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