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Jenene continued on with her school day and actually managed to impress her disliked teachers by getting her work done 'perfectly', or so to speak. Hopefully, the mutual animosity would disappear from this point. In the meantime, she did cheerleading practice and prepared for an upcoming tennis tournament in gym class.




But during all this time, Jenene still couldn't get that strange incident at Mr. Horne’s house out of her head. Seeing those flock of birds show up so suddenly felt too random to be a coincidence.


Once the bell rang for final dismissal, Jenene went to her locker to put her stuff away and bring some things with her until she got a text from Sasha.


Jenene…. I got some shocking news about the address, meet me in the library. ASAP!


The girl felt her heart skip a beat. She read the text again. That feeling of a hundred questions ran through her heads again. She couldn't wait to get some questions she never had before answered.


On my way.




The school library wouldn't close for the next hour, but since Sarah was the library assistant, that didn't apply to them. Jenene sprinted inside the place and found Sasha on a computer.


“Sasha, I got your text and ran here as quick as I could. What's going on? What did you found out about the house?”


Sasha put down her glasses. “Jenene. I'm not sure how to tell you this… but I seriously think you need to be careful going back to that house! Grandma's statements pretty much back this up now.”


“Why?! What have you found…?”


She continued. “I typed in the address to research on it… and now I'm kinda regretting it. Google showed me a lot of disturbing things about that house.”


“Is is haunted?”


“Not that I know of. I found a news article about the house, and it's been a breeding ground for weird occult rituals revolving around birds.”


“Wow! That must be something!”


Jenene continued reading the article. She saw pictures of people from the 1930s in dark robes covered in feathers who were standing in front of that very same house.


“The article says that this cult was called the 'Coven of Morrigan',” Sasha added.


“Morrigan? Who is that?”


“From what I gathered, the Morrigan was an ancient goddess from Ireland who overlooked warfare and death. She was highly connected with crows.”


“Oh god.... I don't think this is a coincidence. I SAW a huge flock of crows flying around the house the other night!"


"But how is that possible? Crows aren't nighttime birds."


"I had the same thought. Have you found anything else about the house?”


“Not much. Aside from numerous missing person reports that went on. People automatically assumed the cult had something to do with it, but they proclaimed their innocence through and through. The authorities searched the house, but nothing showed up. No one knew what became of those people. The cult eventually disbanded in the 60s.”


Jenene was at lost of words. She didn't know what to think.


"Wow... I think Mr. Horne has a lot of explaining to do when I see him again."


Sasha said, "Okay, but do you think he has something to do with the house? He could be just some random guy who lives there, and knows nothing about all this."


"You could be right Sasha, but he has a lot of pet birds."


"That’s a weird coincidence.... We should get going then."


"Hold on.... Now I'm getting curious, can we see your grandmother?"


"You wanna see Grandma Mary? Okay, I'm sure she's willing to tell someone about her... unusual childhood other than me or Mom."

Written by ovelymars908 on 09 July 2017


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