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“What the heck was that about?” Barley commented. “What kind of… illusion was that?” He wondered, trying hard not to freak out.
“We really really need to find the others.” Casey added. “What could Duke, Buddy, and the twins be dealing with, if this is the kind of stuff this crazy place is doing to our minds, I just hope they’re okay.”
“I know they are.” You added. “You seem like such a well rounded platoon.”
“Yes! But we’re a team!” Barley added in. “We work the best together. Not split up like this.”
“So, what do you suppose we do, friend?” You gave him a warm smile and a gentle touch on his shoulder, trying to calm him as much as possible.
“Well… We just have to keep moving forward.” Casey added.
“He was leading us back the way we were going to go anyway. So maybe we should just keep going.” You suggested. Casey started speaking, once more.
“He was leading me back to the main hall, so I don’t understand why he had us go back when we met up with you guys.” She wondered. “Maybe he was just trying to keep me… Distracted.” She continued, thinking for a while.
“Okay. First things first. Let’s see if everyone is still back there?” you asked. The other two agreed with you. You all spent the rest of your time making it back to the screen-filled room. When you finally did, it was completely empty.
Something about the space seemed a bit different to you. You weren’t sure if there were as many other doorways deeper into the cavernous guts of the pyramid- if there were even any from when you first arrived. Maybe you were just too distracted by the screens to notice.
Regardless, your urge to push forward was strong. The first thing you did was check for the button inside of the skull- nothing. “That’s odd.” You thought to yourself before looking around. “It’s not here? Did something change?” You pondered to yourself for a while. In that time, you noticed two distinct pathways deeper into the bowels of this mysterious mind-screwing place.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 14 January 2022

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