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Against the opposite wall, there were two paths right next to each other. Moderately sized archways hung overhead. To you, it wasn’t even a question about which one you were going to go through. One of them showed a pathway far more interesting looking than the other- so much so that you barely noticed there were two pathways. Still, the only thing on your exhausted mind was moving forward.
Wait a minute. Had you or the platoon had even an ounce of rest since you got here?
“I wonder what’s down that way.” Barley commented. “Knowing the others, that one is definitely the one they would be going down. Good choice hero!” He congratulated you as you took the lead; the other two slowly trailing behind you as you cautiously continued down the hallway.
“I think I can smell their scents?” Casey added after a short while of walking. “I definitely think this is the way they went!”
“Hah! Unless they split up.” Barley commented. “Do you think they’d do that?” You gave a little shrug before allowing the woman to respond. These were members of her team afterall.
“Most likely.” She said, solemnly. “There's a good chance that they could have went half and half. Or even one person in each pathway. How many were back there, again? Four? Three?” She questioned but your exhausted mind still couldn’t quite remember exactly how many there were. At this point, it didn’t even matter, so you just continued until something actually happened.
By the time you all could see some kind of end to the long winding tunnel you were walking down, everyone was particularly exhausted. You realized that the small group was banking on getting some kind of rest- finding any kind of place for which you all could set up a small camp or hopefully even regroup with some of the others at whatever camp they could have made themselves.
To your dismay, all you could see was some kind of walled-in structure. It was decorative as well, just like the carved entrance at the other side of what felt like miles of tunnel.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 15 January 2022

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