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You took a moment to examine things, still mentally overworked from everything you had gone through prior. It took every ounce of your determination to figure out what this could have been about. The small threesome of yourself and the others almost instinctively took your own little section of the structure. Casey looked at the plaque right in front of what looked like a four-armed statue. Barley looked at the statue itself, taking note of the way their hands were cupped open as if they were trying to hold something.
You looked around on the ground. There was scattered dust and stones all over as if something had been scuffled and moved around along the floor of the thin space of the hallway.
“What could that be about?” Barley barked as he ran his fingertips against the slender forearms of the statue. “Nice craftsmanship though.” He giggled with a pervy smile as he shot a quick glance at the female statue’s four pectoral muscles, accommodating for each of her arms.
“Yeah.” Casey said, annoyed. “It’s called bilateral symmetry” She nearly wanted to slap the dog for being so childish in such an important moment. Maybe she was just grumpy about being tired.
“It looks like these stones may have fallen from her hands?” You added in. “Casey?” You turned to ask her. “What does that plaque say?” Just as you asked, she finished brushing off the dusty sand from the little letters.
“It’s very crude… As if someone carved it by hand.” She squinted hard as she leaned in. “Awful handwriting. Maybe they were in a rush.” She tried to joke about things, despite the much darker things that could have implied. “It says… Give me many lies… Or die?” You could see how stressed out she became as she viewed, comprehended, and read the little message. It was like a slow and gradual change of demeanor.
“Geez… What could that mean.” Barley asked, looking around the environment to figure out what kinds of lies he could have given her. “You’re ugly!” He called out at the statue before turning to the two of you, shrugging. “Well i did my best” He said before kicking over a rock on the floor.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 16 January 2022

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